Sunday, 11 November 2012

Norway 2012

Very very very excited to have arrived in Bergen this afternoon and at last kick off the Norway Cruise in association with Arena Travel, which I have been getting so blooming excited about lately!
Its dark here now so its really hard to get an idea of exactly what this city has to offer us, but the hotel is beautifully situated with a view across the river to the Hanseatic Wharf which is apparently home to lots of lovely shops and traditional Norwegian buildings and we have noted the twinkling lights of all the houses in the surrounding mountains (of which there are 7) so I am sure that tomorrow promises to be a great day when we get to go and explore.

I am going to try really really hard to blog every day over the next week, but I have been told that internet access might be a bit unreliable once we are on the cruise liner (from tomorrow evening). I have no lovely images of my own to post yet so will have to make do with one I have borrowed from the internet of the buildings opposite us in the bay.