Thursday, 18 October 2012

Knit & Stitch 2012

We had an amazing show at Alexandra Palace last week and were so pleased to see so many of you.
Because I work from home almost all the time and don't get out all that often it always feels like a big adventure for me to give up my hermit like life style for a few days and share what I do with other people. Thanks to everyone who made the effort to come along to the show - its always nice to put names to faces and meet new people - its also always lovely to see the familiar faces too though!

I was very fortunate to have both Erica and Donna with me on the JANIE CROW stand and even Mr C gave up some of his precious time to come along and help. The stand was double the size of last year and whilst I had imagined we would feel a bit swamped, the space worked really well and we even managed to fit in the lovely Nicky Hale to help us on Saturday.

After a steady start on Thursday and Friday the show went completely mad on Saturday followed by a totally bonkers Sunday where we were inundated by customers from show opening time at 10.30am right through to the 'last call' at 5pm when our final customer tore round the corner and demanded that we allow her to sign up for the crochet club there and then despite the fact that lights were being turned off and stall holders were packing away! Now that's the kind of customer we really like!

It has taken me most of the week to get things back in their rightful places and rearrange the studio to fit everything in. I love doing all the prep for the show, but am equally happy when everything gets put away for a while and life returns to normality. It's been a struggle to sit down and design this week and so far I have managed to distract myself from what really needs doing by emptying bags and putting stock away, but come next week I won't have any excuses and will have to settle down to design work. Top of my list is finalising the crochet club project as the yarn order needs to go to Rowan and after that I am looking to spend some time on a new crochet garment collection which I hope to have out for next Autumn.