Tuesday, 8 June 2010

The Crochet Club

With the blessing of my close friend and colleague Debbie Abrahams – the brainchild behind the Mystery Blanket Knitting Club- I am launching ‘The Crochet Club’.
Members of my club will receive the yarn and all instructions needed to create an exciting project in the form of a crochet panel which could be used as a hanging or throw. The project incorporates many crochet techniques and could act as an excellent learning tool for those wanting to enhance their existing skills and learn new methods of working a crochet fabric.

The inspiration behind the panel is Art Deco and 1950s design and it is made up of both conventional and contemporary crochet pieces which, when put together, create a stunning piece. Techniques used include beading, colour work, textural crochet such as bobbles and wave/chevron patterns.

Club members will be sent a kit containing all yarns and beads at the beginning of January 2011 together with a pattern for the crochet pieces to be made in that month. At the beginning of the subsequent 5 months the patterns for the remaining pieces will be sent. Membership to the club will be limited so that the piece remains exclusive and the patterns will not be published elsewhere. All yarn used will be from Rowan.

Club members will be supported by a dedicated blog which I will update frequently with tips, techniques and mini master-classes for those in need of a little help and encouragement.

You can visit the blog: http://cachetcrochetclub.blogspot.com/

Email me and I will send you a registration form: janeknits@yahoo.co.uk