Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Make & Bake for Mencap

The Knitter Magazine have chosen Mencap as it's charity of the year for 2010.
They have lots of exciting ways that you can get involved.
First of all there are patterns to download from the Mencap website including great hat designs from Lynda Bellingham and Mathew Horne. They have also launched a nationwide event which they have called 'Make and Bake for Mencap' which encourages people to hold 'healthy' tea parties with their social knitting groups. So why not turn this into a fundraising event for Mencap? There is a great pack to download on their site.
The pack has lots of ideas about how to raise funds and some yummy recipes - the cinnamon banana bread is delicious. Please do have a look and let’s see if we can really make a difference to this amazing charity.