Wednesday, 12 June 2013

La Verderie - Day Two

The weather is not being all that kind to us out here in the South West of France, but the food, wine, company and itinerary is very definitely making up for it!

After a hearty breakfast this morning we set off for Saintes - a lovely town about 20 minutes drive away. We visited a fantastic haberdashery shop which had an array of fabrics and loads of accessories and books. Sue bought a couple of lovely stitching and crochet books which have some great ideas in. Some images from the one which I am particularly keen on are pictured below:

We wandered about 'Maisons Du Monde' which is one of my most favourite interiors shops - it always has some lovely bits and bobs which I cat resist - today I bought some tropical plant leaf table mats (as you do) with the hope that I will crochet some tropical flower motifs to decorate the kitchen table - If I ever get round to doing this I will post the images on here!

We visited the remains of the Roman ampitheatre and had coffee in the sunshine before heading back to the house for a lovely lunch.

This afternoon was spent crocheting again and this in turn was followed by yet another lovely dinner! I'm feeling totally spoiled and relaxed beyond compare, the only downside is that the days are flying past so quickly!

The weather forecast promises sun tomorrow....