Monday, 3 June 2013

Black Sheep Wools

The sun is shining at last here in North London! The garden is always at it's best this time of year, with the clematis, irises and aquilegia all vying for space within the flower beds. The doors to the kitchen and conservatory are open and the dog is padding to and fro, alternating between sunbathing on the lawn and cooling off on the kitchen floor and everything seems just that little bit nicer - the lighter evenings mean that I can stay in the studio for longer with good natural light and if we are really lucky we get to sit out in the garden for lunch and a cup of afternoon tea!

Workshops and events are easier to cope with at this time of year as the mornings are lighter and driving conditions easier. On Saturday Debbie Abrahams and myself made the long trip to Warrington to do a Kaleidoscope workshop at Black Sheep Wools. Despite the distance we had an easy journey and enjoyed a lovely day with 24 keen knitters and crocheters who all worked through our dedicated workshop projects.

We took along all the projects from Kaleidoscope and, after a short introduction where Debbie and I talked through our inspiration for the projects within the book, we split into 2 groups to work through our knit and crochet techniques.

We had a really lovely day with a fantastic and enthusiastic group of participants and the staff at Black Sheep were really lovely and allowed us to take over their wonderful store for the day!

The guys at Black Sheep have compiled a Q&A for both Debbie and myself, which will feature on their blog soon and we were even asked to do a short film!

If you are ever any where near Warrington, or fancy a really nice day trip, it really is worth a visit. There is lots of lovely yarn, including the complete range of Rowan Yarns, a massive selection of pattern support and there is even a cafe so that you can grab some food and a nice cuppa to keep your energy levels up while you decide just how much yarn you can cram into the boot of your car!