Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Wet Wet Wet!

Here we are in the middle of May already – usually a month when us poor blighters here in the UK get to see a little bit of warmer weather and get to enjoy the lighter evenings just for a bit. May is the month of birthdays in our house with 5 members of the clan celebrating the passing of another year and, although the weather cannot always be entrusted to be dry and hot, we can at least plan parties in the garden and the odd picnic. It is Summer’s 14th birthday and my Dad will be 70 something on Thursday so usually there would be some kind of plan for festivities that involve the great out doors – the wide blue yonder – God’s green acre – the pub garden at the very least!

BUT - Not this year!

As I sit here looking out onto my little lovely garden, usually busy in May with birds and bees and blossom, I am instead faced with lashing rain, wind, mud and puddles! Oh yes, I nearly forgot – and pellet sized pieces of ice which fall from the sky like little bullets with the sole intention of leaving you covered in a mass of tiny bruises! I kid you not!

My lovely daughter, who got her name because the mid wife said she was born on the first day of summer, has just curled up in front of the TV with her crochet blanket and a cup of hot chocolate and I have had to go and dig out a cotton scarf to keep the chill of the back of my neck as I sit and type whilst trying to resist the temptation to turn the heating on. Get the impression I’m a bit fed up with water, rain and chilliness? Too right I am!

All that said there is thankfully just the one plus side to all this awful weather - less distractions to lure me away from my crochet and my ever piling amount of things that need to be done – apologies for the rant, it’s off my chest now - perhaps tomorrow will be nicer weather!