Friday, 1 July 2011

The Crochet Club Project 2011

Here we are in June and I can’t believe that the members of my Crochet Club 2011 have now been sent their final set of patterns and that I am getting reports of completed projects from my current members. It is incredible how quickly the last 6 months have gone by – terrifying actually – as my life seems to be flying by me at an absurd rate, but I guess being busy is better than being bored and wishing time away.

I hope that members have enjoyed working through the Crochet Club Project for 2011 and are pleased with the end result. I know that a lot of them have used the project as a learning tool and I have had a lot of feedback from members saying that they have been pushed to master new techniques and try new things that they would not have tackled before. I hope that they have found the way I have written the patterns along with the blog postings a useful learning tool and that they feel have benefitted from being a member of the club - even if they might not be entirely in love with the design!

The project for next year will be based on traditional lace designs and as such will have a more feminine feel with a much softer colour palette. It is really hard trying to design something that will appeal to a large range of people and for a while I found it difficult to get going on the design, spending a lot of time worrying about whether you guys might like it, but eventually my lovely husband got fed up with my turmoil and made this very astute observation:

The second biggest selling album of all time is ACDC’s ‘Back in Black’; the third best seller is Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark side of the Moon’ and the fourth is the sound track from the film ‘The Bodyguard’ featuring Whitney Houston. All these albums sold over 40 million copies each.

I like ACDC and can just about put up with Pink Floyd (in small doses) and I could probably sit through the soundtrack to the ‘Bodyguard’ so long as there was a glass of wine and a good magazine handy, however (and this is my husband’s point), what would fill me with a feeling of complete horror would be the prospect of listening to ‘Thriller’ by Michael Jackson which takes the number one spot in the list of best selling albums of all time and has outsold the other 3 I have mentioned by over 60 million copies!

Now – I realise that I have probably mortally offended those of you who loved the late MJ, (those of you who can do the moon walk and have a bit of a thing for sparkly gloves and face masks) but unfortunately his music would not even make it into my top 100 even though the equivalent of double the population of the United Kingdom own a copy!

With this analogy in mind I am now well and truly within the throws of my new design (with the saying ‘you can’t please all of the people all of the time’ ever present in my mind) and although I have not yet managed to post the images I promised you at the end of May things are now on track and there should be some images to show you pretty soon. Please be patient with me – I hope to get the images sorted within the next month and will let you all know when everything is finalised. There is still plenty of time before participants for next year need to confirm their places and you guys will be offered places first so please don’t worry about the time scale. If you havent yet submitted your details so that you will be offered a place for 2012 you can do so by visiting my web site and filling in an on line registration form.