Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Fairisle Spring Beret

This month instead of sending you a free monthly pattern I am asking that you support the emergency medical aid charity ‘Medicins Sans Frontier’ (Doctors without Borders) by donating a fee to them in order to download my spring beret pattern which was featured in The Knitter Magazine.

P/hop = Pennies Per Hour Of Pleasure!
The brain child of Natalie Fergie, UK knitter and dyer, P/hop is a charity knitting project that raises funds for the emergency medical aid organisation MSF who provide an amazing and invaluable service in countries where medical aid and good health care are impossible to come by. The charity is currently heavily involved in the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake and is in urgent need of more funds.

Knitwear designers such as myself have donated their time and knitting patterns to P/hop. These patterns are available for you to download. The idea is that you donate based on how many hours of pleasure you’ll get from knitting your p/hop pattern. There is no set price for a pattern; you can donate 50p or £50. It’s entirely up to you –
P/hop has grown in leaps and bounds over the last year to include p/hop swapping, knitting events and the one year birthday blog-a-long. It is open to anyone to get involved and you are more than welcome to have a go at developing it in new ways. For more information click here