Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Whoops its February!

I cant believe that we now find ourselves most definitely in the month of February. Quite where the second half of December and the month of January went I am not certain, but what I do know is that I have failed to come up with a decent design for both January and February's blogspot freebies....
That isn't to say that I haven't tried! I have had two quite wonderful ideas, the first for a covered brick doorstop design and the second for some coasters and place mats, but both have failed to materialise in practice the way they looked inside my head!
January really has been a mad month. I am in the throws of finishing off my crochet book and am also working on two other exciting new projects (watch this space)so sadly the blogspot has had to be neglected.
I know that some of you eagerly await the new patterns. Indeed, I was amazed to receive pictures of Gwyn's version of my Christmas Bird within days of me posting the pattern. Alas this month I am to let you all down once more - but with the promise that I will send out a new pattern in March once life has calmed down a little.
In the mean time I have posted a couple of images to inspire you: I really adore these crochet covered stones (these were the inspiration for my door stop idea)and - much along the same lines - these crochet pebbles which have been felted and put together to make a mat. Perhaps you will be inspired by them too!