Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Free Pattern for Christmas

Here is an image of this month's project.
Little birds appear to be everywhere this Christmas for use as decorations for trees or within displays of some kind. I tried making real small birds to hang from the tree, but they just looked like unfortunate baubles or birds who had been involved in an accident of some kind!
Anyway - this one can be used as part of your festive flower arrangement or could be poked into a plant pot or vase to create a good effect. If you don't want to mess about with wire and beads you could use large feathers for a tail instead.
I have used left over bits of Rowan Cotton Glace as this is my favourite yarn and I have a lot of it; of course you could use up lots of bits and pieces from your stash.
It doesn't take long to make and you could always make things simpler by not crocheting the beads into the design.