Monday, 3 November 2008

Rowan's Tips & Techniques

This weekend Sharon Brant and I tutored a Tips & Techniques workshop at Rowan's Green Lane Mill in Holmfirth West Yorkshire.
We decided to concentrate on knitting techniques on Saturday and so participants had the chance to learn 2 handed fairisle, Intarsia, cables, lace and texture and beading techniques.
Most of the class were keen to brush up on their finishing techniques too, so on Sunday we covered all things to do with sewing up, picking up and the dreaded tension! We also showed short row shaping and button holes.
We used Sharon's new book 'The complete Knitter's Bible' as our workshop guide. It has very clear diagrams and lovely pictorial images so is the perfect workshop companion. It is published by Collins & Brown and retails at about £25.
Rowan Design Consultants run similar one day workshops across the UK. Details can be found on the Rowan web site.