Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Carousel CAL

The first set of patterns for the Stylecraft Carousel crochet along project were released today and I managed to find the time throughout the day to work my way through the pattern. I am hoping to keep up with the CAL project and blog my way though it, but as show season is on the horizon, with Yarndale just over a week away and the autumn Knitting & Stitching Show just a week or so after that, finding spare time is proving to be a bit of a challenge!

My efforts to keep up with the Lotus Moon Tiles CAL have failed dismally as I have yet to complete all my main motifs (I need to make 20 of them) and still have the squares and triangles to do - I have to admit that part of my failure to keep up is down to the fact that the designer of this beautiful CAL has come up with a really great new colour way so I am now wishing that I had waited before choosing my colours! Polly Plum of Every Trick on the Hook is working through the CAL herself using a really lovely palette of purple, greens and cream shades. If you haven't taken a look at this wonderful pattern yet the link to the Ravelry page is here and you will find a dedicated Facebook group for the CAL here.

So - back to the Carousel CAL!
Designed by Sue Pinner, patterns for this project will be free to download via the Stylecraft web site here. I am working through the Batik version, but the pattern is also written for Special DK.

The first motif will be the central part of the Carousel Blanket. The motif is relatively straight forward, but I did struggle to get the tension right - unfortunately the only measurement given is for the completed motif so I only really knew that I had got it right once I had worked the whole way through and blocked my octagon!

The motif starts with an unusual centre - a padded round of double crochet stitches which was fun to make!

Below is an image after the popcorn round (Round 3) - my motif measured 8.5/9cm at this point.

At the end of Round 5 my motif measured 15cm - that's 6 inches if you are still working in imperial measurements!

After Round 6 there is a note in the pattern to tell you that your motif is likely to form a cup shape for a few rows - mine certainly did, but then it more or less flattened out by the end of the final round.

After Round 9 my motif measured 19.5cm at the widest point and I was beginning to worry that it wasn't going to be big enough as the completed measurement is listed as 30cm.

In the end my completed measurement was a little short at 27.5cm at the widest point, however my motif does appear to have blocked out to 29.5cm so I think I am going to stick with it and not change my hook for a larger one. The pattern doesn't say whether the measurement is pre blocked or blocked, but I am hoping for the latter and looking forward to the next pattern release in a fortnight's time.

If you fancy having a go at the CAL we have a few yarn kits left in stock on the Janie Crow web site, but it is also a great opportunity for using up your bits and bobs from your stash. There are some fabulous colour ways already appearing on the dedicated Facebook group so why not take a look!

Hope you are all healthy and happy!
Janie x