Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Frida's Flowers - Block Two

The Stylecraft web site has now published the second set of patterns for the Frida's Flowers CAL project. You can follow this link to download them for free.

This set of patterns features another hexagonal block which I have called Dahlia Bud. Further down this post I have included the step by step images for this block, but want to tell you about a couple of really exciting things first!

If you are a regular reader of my blog or follow me on social media you will know that I am a supporter of the fabulous charity Knit For Peace. I am keen to raise as much money as I can for this incredible charity (who help people in need all over the world) and so have launched a monthly prize giveaway which gives you the chance to win a lovely knit or crochet project simply by making a small monetary donation to the charity.

To launch the monthly giveaways I have donated my completed Flowers Of Life crochet bag (pictured above). This is a ready made item for which the pattern is not commercially available, so the only way to get a ready made version is via this giveaway*. To be in with a chance to win simply follow the link to the Knit For Peace web site, then follow the link to make your donation. You can donate as little as £1 and can enter as many times as you like. The prize draw will close on Friday 29th April and the winner will be notified within the following week.

To help raise even more funds for Knit For Peace I have also put together an exciting workshop schedule. The day workshops will start in June and will take place at the charity HQ in Hampstead. Workshops are £60 for the day and you can find more information here. Workshop tutors include myself, Debbie Bliss, Juliet Bernard, Sarah Hazell and Dedri Uys - all tutors are donating their time for free and all profits from the workshops will go to the charity. There are knit and crochet workshops available so please get involved if you can!

* the pattern for the bag is only available to those who have purchased the Frida's Flowers yarn pack via the Janie Crow web site.

Dahlia Bud

A link to this set of patterns for the Frida's Flowers blanket is here. The images above show the motif worked in Stylecraft Life DK and Special DK. This pattern starts with a ring and a round of double crochet (US single crochet) . On the next round you need to make 6 popcorn stitches. I really like making popcorn stitches, but it can be a little un nerving when you first start as you need to take your hook out of the yarn loop and could inadvertently unravel your work.

I recommend that you make all your popcorn flowers (Dahlia buds) before you start work on the following rounds. Working in this way means that all the flowers end up the same size and also means that you can memorise the pattern and refer to the pattern less often. Don't forget to make sure that your flower is made from 6 popcorn stitches!

Over the next rounds you are adding your background shade.

Below are the close up images for the chain stitches made between the groups of treble crochet (US double crochet).

Make sure you check each round before you start the next one as it is easy to make a mistake on the stitch count.

Once your motif is complete you need to check your tension. The written tension is for unblocked pieces using the Cotton Classique DK. If you are using an alternative yarn you may find that you need to block your piece to active the correct measurements.

Once you have made 4 main motifs you need to make 4 half motifs.

When I was designing this project I wanted to do it in a way which gave you very finishing off to do at the end of the project. Doing all the fiddly bits at the end of a project can be pretty demoralising, so I urge you to sew in all your yarn ends as you go along and follow the instructions for joining.

I hope you enjoy working through this set of patterns. The next pattern will be available on Tuesday 3rd May.