Friday, 29 January 2016

Knit For Peace Workshop - Mysore 2016

We left home a week ago today for our long awaited trip to Mysore. After a short delay at the airport we made the plane journey to Bangalore, then travelled by coach to Mysore, arriving at the Green Hotel in time for lunch on Saturday. After our long and tiring journey it was lovely to sit within the gardens of the hotel, which is a former Palace set within what was once a rural part of Mysore.

On Sunday, after a day of rest, we had our first official workshop and I introduced the group to a few projects that they could choose to work on. My first task for the workshop participants was to knit a tension square – a task that few knitters enjoy, but hopefully an undertaking that ensures that projects turn out close enough to a determined shape and size, whilst also giving the group a chance to chat and get to know each other without having to concentrate too much on their knitting techniques. Within no time the group were embarking on their projects, getting to grips with the techniques involved and happily chatting and making plans for their holiday.

For the last 5 days we have had workshop time in the garden in the morning while it is cool. We have covered the fairisle and intarsia techniques, basic crochet, beading and textural work and in the afternoons participants have been free to continue on their projects or go out on sight seeing or shopping excursions into town.

 On Sunday evening we all headed out to Mysore Palace to see the lights and since then the group have independently been out for morning and afternoon walks around the lake, visits to the local shops and markets and short excursions to other places of interest around Mysore such as the Chamundi Hills and the famous market. It is easy to get around here – the tuctucs are easy to hail and the drivers are willing to take you where you want to go and happy to wait for you. Cars (and drivers) are easy to hire and incredibly cheap, so some of the group have already been out to a bird sanctuary and a safari park to see crocodiles and elephants, whilst others have stuck closer to home, finding beads and braids, fabrics and gifts in the shops and markets in the centre of town.

We are a large group – there are 18 knitters and 8 partners/spouses, so 30 of us in total counting Dame Hilary, her husband Micheal and Avril from the Charity Advisory Trust. Although a large group everyone is getting along wonderfully and looking forward to another week of blissful creativity here at the Green Hotel in Mysore.