Monday, 14 January 2013

Homespun Vintage

My new book Homespun Vintage is now! Knitting and crochet for the home is really hot right now and there are many designers looking to make their mark on the home interiors market. I have always loved anything to do with interiors and worked in a home decorating store while I was a student - I used to love putting together the paint shade cards and flicking through the wallpaper books!

Designing for the home can be much more fun than designing garments. Cushions, blankets and throws present the chance to design using as many techniques, colours and textures as I fancy - when the design is all about pattern I can get really carried away. Designing garments presents far more restrictions - I have to be careful about over loading a design and getting the balance right, after all most people don't want to walk around looking like Joseph in his Technicolour dream coat!

I know many knitters and crocheters - whilst they enjoy the craft process - are often disappointed by the fit and appearance of completed garments - sometimes they don't work well or the colour or shape is wrong. Making an item for the home is far more reliable and there is less margin for error. Cushions and blankets make wonderful gifts too!

Homespun Vintage is divided into 3 interior stories - there is the Folklore Story - which is still bang on trend. This story has some really lovely projects including the Babushka bedspread and floor and sofa cushions as in the three images above. One of my favourite designs is the 'Birds Of Life' cushion cover which you can see on the bed in the larger image. This features crochet birds and flowers on a knitted background.

The Monchrome story was designed using Coco Chanel as the inspiration. I saw a wonderful film (wonderful in terms of the way it looked anyway) a few years ago about the relationship between Stravinsky and Chanel and this became my inspiration. The scene sets within the film were just lovely and having a monochrome collection in the book also means that knitters and crocheters can make decisions on alternative colour choices more easily than usual.

Time for Tea - is the vintage story. I loved designing this collection as it gave me the chance to re vamp some existing crochet staples such as doilies and small table cloths.

We have plenty of stock of Homespun Vintage here at Janie Crow. If you want a signed copy then you can order one by following this link. If you want a specific dedication please email us before you order the book.

Homespun Vintage is £14.99