Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Fairisle Workshop @ TWIST

On Saturday I spent the day with a lovely group of 12 ladies at Karen Moggridge's shop in Woodbridge Suffolk. TWIST is the kind of yarn shop your dreams are made of - lots of lovely yarn, beautifully tidy and displayed in lovely cases; comfy sofas to sit and browse the patterns and of course great knowledgeable staff at the ready to give you as much help as possible.

Karen has a great eye for good design and not only has fantastic yarns such as Rowan, Noro and Jamiesons, but equally good pattern support including new designs from the legendary Kate Davies, which of course never fail to grab a knitter's undivided attention!

Karen has a dedicated workshop room at the back of the store big enough to accommodate 12 participants with ease and a lovely day was spent amongst the yarn, beads and the two handed fairisle technique!

Karen has asked me back for another workshop in the New Year and hopefully Debbie Abrahams and myself will be down there together in the Spring to show you our new home collection - watch this space for more information and check out Karen's lovely store - its worth a day trip if you don't live nearby - Karen had to virtually kick me out of the shop at the end of the day as I didn't want to leave!