Saturday, 21 July 2012

Crochet @ Mansfield Crafts

I am just back from a lovely day at Mansfield Crafts in Rushden (Northamptonshire) where I spent the day with a group of lovely ladies in the workshop room within Emma's lovely shop.

The workshop was based on the crochet club and gave members and other participants the chance to work on the 2012 project or make the front for a small cushion cover based on the crochet club design. The day went really quickly (as workshops always do) and the group created some really lovely colour ways of the Coronet Rose pattern using some shades from the Rowan Cotton Glace range.
Emma provided a lovely lunch and the break gave us all a chance to take a look around her treasure trove.

Emma has a way of making all her merchandise look lovely - her displays are beautiful and you can see how much work and thought has gone into them. She obviously has a love for all things cute and there are lots of knitted rabbits and toys dotted around the store - I even found a knitted dormouse asleep in a tea cup within one of the yarn fixtures - just so cute!

You can tell that Emma runs a very tight ship - the shop is immaculately clean and her yarn displays are pristine - no messy balls of yarn here! Emma has been busy putting together some great little kits for toys and accessories, including the Rowan sheep Breeds Ram and Ewe toys.

Emma also has some great little knit kits for mitts, boot toppers and knitted decorations - all of which I wanted to bring home with me. After much deliberation (and after considering the lack of time I have to crochet let alone knit) I decided to come home with 2 of the Herdy mugs which I have been hankering after for ages - so they have been washed and put along side my other mugs ready for the next cuppa.

I will be back at Mansfield Crafts in November to do a Christmas workshop. The workshop is for knitters this time and I am currently thinking along the lines of a Christmassy cushion, or perhaps a table runner/place mat. There are still places on this workshop so if you can make it to the store I can tell you for sure its well worth the trip.