Friday, 16 September 2011

The Crochet Club 2012 - Team JANIE CROW

A whopping 230 people have already committed themselves to membership for next year and payment requests have been sent out via email over the last week or so. You can submit a membership application through until mid December so there is still plenty of time to take a look at all the details on the web site and consider membership for yourself or as a special gift for someone else.

To make the Crochet Club run smoothly we have put into place a dedicated team who will be on hand to help and guide you not only through the process of application and making payments, but also to help you work through the project next year.

The lovely Mr Crowfoot has kindly agreed to deal with almost all of the ‘tecky’ bits that I dislike so much! Andy will be the one who deals with things such as excel spreadsheets, payment plans and web site queries and he has been very busy over the last few months formulating his systems to make sure that everything on logistical side of the club runs smoothly.

The equally lovely Erica Pask has thankfully also agreed to come on board as a member of the Crochet Club team. Erica was responsible for pattern checking this year’s project and was a real asset to me when I was writing the on line tips and techniques monthly updates for the blog. For 2012 Erica will be in place not only to pattern check the new project, but also to deal with any pattern queries or questions relating to any of my designs including the download web site patterns. More news on how to contact Erica will follow in forthcoming newsletters once we have all arrangements in place.