Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Pablo the Pumpkin

The weather here in London has taken a definite turn for the worse. As I look out the window my lovely green lawn is looking decidedly soggy and all the leaves are beginning to gather in yellowy brown masses in all the unswept nooks and crannies and there seems little hope of getting the washing dry!
Autumn seems to have arrived with a bang so it is logical that my mind has started thinking chilly thoughts! The blanket knitting will have to start again and I will soon dig out my slippers and thermal socks. (Worryingly I have already spied my husbands gloves left out and ready for action on the dressing table - lets hope he is being a little pessimistic and that gloves are yet to be a necessity)
Above is an image of Pablo the Pumpkin - my free pattern for October. He can be used as a vase for an autumnal display or you could use him as a night light holder (so long as you use strengthened glass and are careful not to put the flame too close to the knitting) alternatively you could stuff him and gather his top to make a Halloween inspired toy. A larger version could work as a trick or treat bag perhaps!