Saturday, 8 August 2009

Garden Bird Cushion Cover

This month's free pattern is for this cushion cover.
It uses both knit and crochet techniques and would be an excellent project for those new to crochet. It is approx 30cm square and uses only a few balls of Rowan Cotton Glace.
As you may have noticed I do have a bit of a 'thing' about cushions. I love them and am currently (although slowly) trying to re-cover all the cushion pads I have accumulated over the years. I have a black sack full of them in my wardrobe (along with part of my secret stash) and hope one day to have covered them all in either knit or crochet.
I was knitting at the swimming pool this week (I hasten to add that this was whilst my kids were training and not while I attempted knitting and breaststroke simultaneously)and one of the young girls training alongside my daughter Summer asked if everything in our house is knitted or crocheted. The answer - not yet, but I'm working on it!