Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Christmas Is Here Again!

I have been trying to find the time to blog for the last few weeks, but December (as always) has turned into some kind of a blur, however, I am home with the kids this afternoon and have magically found myself a spare half hour. Charlie and Summer are both trying out a bit of damage limitation in their bedrooms (I guess they are trying to make room for their new 'stuff') and Andy has gone into town - so things are relatively calm and peaceful.

I've done the mad Sainsburys shop and surprised myself at how well behaved I was considering the number of shoppers trying to be in control of a large trolley of shopping, screaming offspring and of course the nessessary mobile phone glued to one ear while they try to negotiate the isles. I even managed to get everything on the list although when I arrived home I discovered that the residents here at chez Crowfoot have already demolished half the mince pies I'd stashed away. I read a great book once called 'I dont know how she does it' where the heroine of the story buys her mince pies then bashes them up a little then puts them under the grill so that they spill over then covers them in sugar and presents them as home made - sounds like a great plan as I certainly dont have time to make anymore. Hurrah!

I'm really looking forward to some relaxing days at home over the Christmas period. I have cleared quite alot of my workload and hope to complete 'Keld' from The British Sheep Breeds collection. It is the most lovely wool to knit with and smells fab, it's also made my hands quite smooth too. Must be the lanolin I suppose. I am hoping to have it finished in time for the John Lewis clearance sale which starts on Saturday 27th so that I can go to the Haby Department with a clear conscience.

Merry Christmas!