Saturday, 11 October 2008

Divas Dont Knit

I sat up last night and finished 'Divas Don't Knit' by Gil McNeil. I started reading it on the beech in Greece during the summer holidays and have been dipping into it since. I have tried to restrict myself to a small fix every now and then. Its a lovely book and I knew instantly that I was in danger of reading it from cover to cover in one hit if I wasn't careful. In the mean time there would have been no housework done or dinners cooked so I decided to restrict my reading to tube journeys and Friday nights. How exciting is my life! Was a time I danced Friday nights away in smelly London rock clubs, getting the night bus home at 4am. Now my highlight is a good book and a glass of pinot grigio!

Anyway - I digress... Its a lovely book and well worth a read. Gil McNeil has written others so I hope to track down another in time for the Kangaroo workshop in France next week. Her web site is

Pictured alongside the book and my knitting bag is some Jaeger Ascot that I got at Ally Pally yesterday. Three of us shared a pack so it is a complete bargain. We are all going to knit the 'Toasty Shrug' from Winter Gifts by Rowan Classic. Ive already done half a ball - its really lovely to knit with.