Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Frida's Flowers - Block Seven

Today sees the release of the final hexagon block motif for the Frida's Flowers Blanket.

This block is placed at the centre and top and bottom edges of the blanket and you will need to make a total of 5 pieces.

I have called this block Frida's Bouquet as it features small flowers and leaves. It is quite a complicated piece, but is uses all the techniques you will have already got to grips with in other blocks so I am hopeful that you shouldn't find it too difficult.

Once you have completed the central flower you need to work a framework behind it to create the base for the leaves:

You need to work with the Right Side facing you - however the image below is shown Wrong Side facing so that you can see the framework:

You need to create 6 leaves using your darker green shade (the shade names differ depending upon what yarn you are using). Make sure you have 6 leaf bases!

The other side of the leaf is worked using your other green shade - the chain loop at the top will be covered up later on:

The background shades are added over the next few rounds - you will need to work behind the leaves so will need to fold the leaves forward while you are working:

I am so pleased with these motifs - working the chain stitches behind the leaves means that you can achieve a lovely 3D effect which I think really echoes the details of Frida Kahlo's traditional Mexican textiles that she loved to wear.

When I choose a colour palette I almost always include a shade of yellow as it is such a fabulous accent colour. In this design I think the bright yellow shade is key and it really sets off the other shades.

Once all your colourful flowers and leaves are made you need to add the black border:

I feel that the blue bullion stitches add a really nice highlight to the centre of the flower, but of course making these is optional!

I hope you will enjoy making these motifs as much as I enjoyed designing and making them. In a fortnight the final part of the pattern will be available to download. The last set of patterns includes instructions for adding the edging.

Janie x